Pacquiao vs Rios Live 24/7 Airing Last Night

The Pacquiao vs Rios live airing of the first episode of 24/7 took place last night and met a nice audience as it got high ratings. Many people are very interested in this fight as it is the first that Manny will be in since is horrific knockout loss to Juan Marquez last year. Brandon Rios will also be fighting for the first time since his loss to Mike Alvarado and both men have much to prove. In this episode of 24/7 we see both fighters getting interviewed and sharing their thoughts about the upcoming fight scheduled for November 23 in Macau.

pacquiao v rios live

Brandon Rios Nervous In Front of Big Live Crowd, Ready For Fight

rios v pacquiao live

In the very first press conference for this fight, Brandon Rios told the crowd that he more nervous speaking in front of all of them then actually fighting Manny Pacquiao. It all began about five months ago when it was announced that Pacquiao would be fighting Rios. Brandon had been waiting for this opportunity for along time and for it to finally come was a big deal. He then took part in a world tour to promote the fight which will be taking place in China. When it came time to speak in front of the crowd he said he was nervous at the moment but ready for the big fight. This speaks volumes about Rios’s character. He is not a big talker but come fight night he is in there because he enjoys it, and that ‘s what makes him different. We will all see when it is time for Pacquiao vs Rios live how Brandon is in the ring when he is dealing with a superstar of Manny’s caliber.

Manny Wants To Regain Fan Confidencepacquiao v rios live

In most of the pre fight interviews and specials we see that one of the biggest reason Manny is still fighting is because he wants to regain the fans confidence. A win would do that but a loss would just destroy the Pacquiao name in boxing. Manny insists time and time again that he is far from done with the sport but he has one big opportunity to show that on fight night. In 24/7 we see Manny genuinely is hungry for this fight so we will have to see what happens at Pacquiao vs Rios live because everything can change when that bell rings. Anything can happen and that is what makes boxing such an incredible sport to watch.

Freddie Roach Still Behind Pacquiao

pacquiao roach

Perhaps the man that is most behind Manny Pacquiao besides his wife and family is his trainer, Freddie Roach. Roach can only look back and laugh when he thinks about Manny’s last two losses because both are extremely unexpected. He never wants to see Manny get hurt and has always said that he would tell his fighter when it was time to call it quits, but they both insist that time has not come yet, and is still a while away. Roach believes that Manny will defeat Rios in dramatic fashion and be right back in the thick of things. Rios is sick and tired of everyone telling him that Manny will beat him, and he vows to shock the world. Anything can happen, and we will only know when we see Pacquiao vs Rios live.


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